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Magni Has Advantages Over Traditional Indexing And Other Responsible Investing Approaches

Magni Global Asset Management constructs portfolios using proprietary research on governance. Governance has been shown to be the driver of performance in responsible investing portfolios. Governance has also been shown to be a way to achieve strong and sustainable environmental and social performance (i.e., a good “G” leads to a good “E” and a good “S”). Assessing governance requires a behavioral assessment using qualitative factors. This type of research is what makes Magni most unique, with almost two decades of experience with this research process.

This approach produces different weightings than those seen in other asset management portfolios. Magni weightings are based on each country’s adherence to Sustainable Wealth Creation principles and each company’s adherence to Sustainable Value Creation principles. Each Magni portfolio is constructed using scores from our research process. International portfolios primarily use country-level ETFs, while company portfolios use direct investment in public securities. The portfolios can be customized to meet the specific criteria of any financial advisor’s or institution’s investment policy statement.

Magni Responsible Investing Services

Magni Responsible Investing Services offer investors seeking portfolios aligned with their values access to Magni research and investment capabilities in two areas, at a country-level and at a company level.

Magni’s Sustainable Wealth Creation principles measure both the quality of the corporate governance in a country and the country-level infrastructure for supporting good corporate governance. Using our principles and values-based screens, we construct country-level allocations from Magni’s Country Scores to build Responsible Investing portfolios. The Magni whitepaper Country-Level Governance: Next Generation of Responsible Investing explains the role of countries in values based investing. This whitepaper also summarizes the current best practices in Responsible Investing as documented by leading organizations from around the world.

Magni’s Sustainable Value Creation principles has taken the research methods used on good country-level governance and applied that to individual company research in the U.S. Magni uses its Corporate Governance Assessment to evaluate all of the stocks in the S&P 500 Index for good governance. This screen is also the basis for our Catholic and Islamic portfolios which integrate guidance from the respective faiths.

Please see our dedicated Responsible Investing Services page for more information.

Magni Portfolios

Magni Global Portfolios offer country-level proprietary research-driven investment strategy, using our process to create the opportunity for stronger and better global diversification.

Magni Corporate Portfolios offer company-level proprietary research-driven investment strategy. . The Catholic Values and Islamic Stewardship portfolios incorporate respective religious guidance. Company scores vary based on religious guidance, and religious portfolios exclude companies for inconsistency with the faith.

These portfolios are currently offered in a separately managed account on the Schwab platform. Magni has the flexibility to offer its portfolios on other platforms including a low-fee option for large institutional, tax-exempt clients.

Magni Advisory Services

Magni Advisory Services offers Magni research and investment capabilities that can be integrated into existing investment strategies. For investment professionals who want to maintain discretion and custody of their clients’ assets, Magni can customize portfolios to best fit the needs of the investment professional and his or her clients. Financial advisors who want access to additional expertise in governance, responsible investing, and/or international investing, find Magni Advisory Services a great way to get professional money management on their investment platform.