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Country Governance Research Commentary

March 2021

Country Ranking Trends Magni recently updated scores for Accounting. Accounting systems have a material impact on company financial statements. Statements which reflect the performance of company operations accurately enable better investment analysis while reducing investment risks. The update produced no surprises, though many countries received small upgrades or downgrades because of various technical factors. European […]

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February 2021

Country Ranking Trends Magni recently completed assessments involving corporate insolvency structure in investible countries. Each country has laws and regulations regarding corporate governance in the processes for handling troubled companies; handling of such companies is important to investors. If a country has weaknesses in protecting the rights of shareholders when a company has financial trouble, […]

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January 2021

Country Ranking Trends Magni recently assessed the implications of the Corporate Transparency Act on the Magni Country Score for the U.S. (see below). Opaqueness of LLC ownership is one of the most significant weaknesses in this country’s governance, as well as a primary source of corruption. Consequently, the U.S. score for Market Integrity was upgraded […]

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December 2020

Country Ranking Trends Magni recently completed a review of Market Integrity in Peru. Historically, Peru has made commitments to improve the many weaknesses documented in the country’s governance of markets. The country’s low score for Market Integrity contributes to one of the lowest overall Magni Country Governance Scores in the investible world. Even modest success […]

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November 2020

Country Ranking Trends Magni recently completed a review of Banking Supervision in the Philippines. Our purpose was to evaluate the weaknesses in the country’s banking system, the weakness that enabled the North Koreans to pull off the 2016 bank heist using Philippine banks. They got $81 million from a Bangladesh bank. Unfortunately, the review demonstrated […]

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October 2020

Country Ranking Trends Magni recently completed a review of Monetary Policy. As part of the review, Magni identified a new source which provided greater insight into key factors in our model. We now have better information on specifics regarding each country’s policies, especially the important topic of inflation. Most countries received an upgrade or a […]

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