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August 2019

Country Ranking Trends Magni completed a review of the Czech Republic. The country received a small upgrade for tangible progress in implementing previously adopted reforms to strengthen the integrity of the country’s markets. Sino-American Trade: Skirmish, Cold War, or Prelude to War? News outlets contain daily articles on the discussions and related actions of China […]

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July 2019

Country Ranking Trends Magni completed reviews of Canadian financial services regulation and Chinese market integrity. The Canadian review focused on banking and insurance regulation; in both cases, the review confirmed prior determinations. The China review produced a small downgrade as important legislation to make transactions more transparent has not been implemented as previously believed. Beyond […]

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June 2019

Country Ranking Trends Magni completed a review of each country’s regulation of the corporate governance environment. Both Japan and China were upgraded for progress in implementing reforms to ease the rules for businesses. The upgrades were small and did not affect relative country rankings. The Chinese upgrade is significant as it has been more than […]

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May 2019

Country Ranking Trends Argentina and Saudi Arabia are now considered part of the emerging markets. Following Magni assessments, the two countries have received initial rankings of 45th and 42nd, respectively. Argentina’s low score reflects weaknesses in monetary policy and significant regulatory deficiencies across most parts of financial services. Saudi Arabia’s low score reflects opaque government […]

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April 2019

Country Ranking Trends Magni completed a review of property rights. Several countries with relatively lower overall Magni Country Scores were upgraded, including the Czech Republic, Egypt, Portugal, and Turkey. These improvements are good news as more secure property rights should reduce investment risk. Lower risk leads to more attractive investment opportunities. Shakespeare on Brexit: “Full […]

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March 2019

Country Ranking Trends   March was another of the occasional months where there were no changes in Magni Country Scores.   Shakespeare on Brexit: “Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing”   The bard’s quote is applicable as much has happened, while nothing has changed except the date has been moved to April 12th.   Implications: Magni maintains its assessment […]

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