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Country Governance Research Commentary

June 2020

Country Ranking Trends June was one of the occasional months where there were no upgrades or downgrades of countries. Magni completed a review of market integrity based on new information regarding several countries, and the review confirmed existing scores. China’s Xi Emulates Henry Ford A planned national security law for Hong Kong was announced by […]

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May 2020

Country Ranking Trends Magni completed a review of fiscal transparency. A consistently implemented and transparent fiscal policy creates a more conducive business environment. Company leaders can build plans more confidently and risks are perceived to be lower, so more projects are attractive and, hence, funded. Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and Thailand received small upgrades, while the […]

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April 2020

Country Ranking Trends Magni completed a review of laws and regulations related to the protection of shareholder interests in a company. Shareholder property rights are an important part of maintaining a business environment conducive to economic activity. Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and United Kingdom received small upgrades, […]

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March 2020

The Country Ranking Trends are at the end of the article so that the global pandemic can be covered first. Pandemic Impacting Humanity The coronavirus continues to spread across the globe with the United States, and in particular New York City, becoming a focus of concern. Meanwhile, in China’s Hubei province where the outbreak started […]

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February 2020

Country Ranking Trends Magni completed a review of accounting systems. Peru was the only country with material changes. Magni found weaknesses in both Peruvian reporting and controls, resulting in a downgrade. This dropped the country below Argentina in the Magni ranking of country governance. Coronavirus Epidemic Made Worse by Chinese Opaqueness The coronavirus outbreak that […]

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January 2020

Country Ranking Trends January was another of the occasional months where there were no changes in Magni Country Governance Scores. Brexit Is Happening The Withdrawal Agreement Act has passed the upper and lower parliamentary chambers, and Queen Elizabeth II signed off on the legislation thus making the law official. The European Parliament voted on January […]

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