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What Questions Need to be Answered When Evaluating Global Equity Investments?

August 2014 Sustainable Wealth Creation principles were created to enable the collection and organization of country level data about the respective economic infrastructures. The resulting information can be used when making investment decisions. Sustainable Wealth Creation addresses three very important questions: Do financial statements accurately reflect a company’s position? Do shareholders have protections and adequate […]

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Understanding Sustainable Wealth Creation Principles Improves the Construction of International Equity Portfolios

August 2014 As part of our global investment research process, Sustainable Wealth Creation principles are divided into twelve Economic Standards. These standards were established by determining how the desirable conditions embodied in the principles can be evaluated in topically-related areas. Each Economic Standard covers multiple topics and we split the Economic Standards into almost 300 Qualitative […]

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Part I: Is International Equity Investing Analysis the Same as Domestic Analysis?

August 2014 This is Part I in a four-part series outlining the Magni Global Asset Management approach to international investment analysis. For most investment analysts, international equity analysis involves application of the same traditional tools used in domestic analysis. A company’s future earnings are projected using historical financial statements along with other information that can […]

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Country Selection: A Powerful Technique of International Equity Investing

July 2014 In Part 1, we note that projecting the future value of equities is a tough but potentially rewarding challenge. Even slightly improved insights and investment forecasts can generate significant outperformance. Incorporating new relevant information into the forecasting process is the Holy Grail to enhanced performance as, if valid, it virtually assures superior results. […]

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How do You Evaluate Countries When Putting Together Global ETF Portfolios?

July 2014 International equities are playing an ever more important role in global wealth management. Despite well-accepted economic principles about the role of economic infrastructure on equity valuations, most traditional investment analysis and products do not currently incorporate the information as it is not available in a consistent, usable format. An iceberg is a metaphor […]

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Global Trends – November 2013

Global Trends: Volume 1, Issue 3 Global Trends: Analysis MSCI Reclassification Greece and Fiscal Policy Transparency Standard Spotlight: Greece and Fiscal Policy Transparency Download Here: Magni Global Trends – Vol 1 Issue 3

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