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Islamic Leadership in Emerging Markets

This article by CEO Kurt Lieberman originally appeared in Finance Forward, October 12, 2015. Most discussions of Islamic Finance focus on substitutes for debt and overcoming the prohibition on riba. When Islamic Finance discussions turn to equities, the focus is usually on Shariah compliance of individual companies and investment products built on portfolios of Shariah-compliant companies. […]

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Malaysia and Singapore: Differences Can Be Deceiving

This article by CEO Kurt Lieberman originally appeared in Finance Forward, Sept. 13, 2015. When analysts and investors assess investment opportunities, they frequently look for numbers and other information that compare the opportunities and identify the differences. The resulting insights become the basis for estimating future valuations and hence potential investment performance of the opportunities. Perhaps […]

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The Social Progress Imperative and Magni Global Asset Management- Does Combining Their Research Create a Better ESG Model?

Saint Paul, Minnesota – June 5, 2015 – Magni Global Asset Management provides management and advisory services based on the belief that Countries Matter™ when investing internationally and applies its proprietary research-driven investment strategy to create global equity portfolios. As part of its research, Magni ranks the investible countries of the world. When Magni discovered […]

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Does South Africa beat Switzerland in SRI and ESG Investing?

March 2015 As a result of increasing Responsible Investing mandates (including SRI and ESG) from clients, advisors are looking for new approaches to global equity investing On average, developed countries are better for such mandates than emerging countries, though not all countries in each grouping are equal Without widely available international investment analysis, news events […]

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How to Invest Internationally with an SRI or ESG Mandate

March 2015 While many investment offerings can claim to be aligned with an SRI or ESG framework, it is difficult to find investments that incorporate the three best Responsible Investing practices: (1) positive screening, (2) emphasis on corporate governance, and (3) actively rewarding improvements. A Country Selection Technique, pioneered by Magni Global Asset Management, can […]

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Magni Helps Overcome Limitations in International Investing

February 2015 While international equities are an important part of a diversified portfolio, three limitations hamper the quality of choices that investors have: Most active managers underperform their benchmark over time Passive approaches using cap weighted, fundamental, or other indexing strategies tend to overweight their holdings in underperforming countries Buying individual stocks may be complex, […]

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