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Magni Helps Overcome Limitations in International Investing

February 2015 While international equities are an important part of a diversified portfolio, three limitations hamper the quality of choices that investors have: Most active managers underperform their benchmark over time Passive approaches using cap weighted, fundamental, or other indexing strategies tend to overweight their holdings in underperforming countries Buying individual stocks may be complex, […]

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Country Selection: An Important Addition to Responsible Investing

December 2014 In Part 1, we highlight the trend of Responsible Investing and its continued growth throughout the world. Just as more corporations are embracing the need to address sustainability issues as a best business practice that can lead to increased profitability, institutional investors are incorporating Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) and related screening approaches […]

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Is Greece a Buying Opportunity?

Saint Paul, Minnesota – December 24, 2014 – Greece is once again making news headlines. Six years after the worst of the Global financial crisis, which saw the Greek stock market plummet 70%, volatility has risen and stocks are again falling. Through December 19 the Greek market is down over 25% for 2014. The Prime […]

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Is Korea Ready for Developed Markets?

Saint Paul, Minnesota – November 5, 2014 – In their annual reclassification of countries, dated June 10, 2014, MSCI announced that both Korea and Taiwan were no longer being reviewed for reclassification into Developed Markets. The removal of Taiwan from consideration is consistent with Magni’s research; Taiwan has one of the lowest country scores arising […]

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Part IV: Countries Matter in International Equity Portfolio Modeling

October 2014 This is Part IV in a four-part series outlining the Magni Global Asset Management approach to international investment analysis. In Parts I, II and III of this series we discussed how the traditional domestic company equity analysis may fall short when investing internationally. We also discussed how a country’s adherence to economic principles […]

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Part III: Country Adherence to Economic Principles Impacts International Equity Value

October 2014 This is Part III in a four-part series outlining the Magni Global Asset Management approach to international investment analysis. Read Part I: Is International Equity Investing Analysis the Same as Domestic Analysis? Read Part II: How Economic Principles Sustain Economic Vitality in Countries To help understand the importance of the country where a […]

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