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Magni’s Position on Proxy Written Consent Proposals 

September 17, 2018  Magni votes company proxies on behalf of clients and is guided in its votes by applying corporate governance best practices as described in Magni’s Sustainable Value Creation principles.  Written consent is a proxy proposal that is made by shareholders of a company. The intent of written consent is to change company bylaws to enable resolutions to pass without shareholder meetings thus making shareholder proposals easier to adopt. However, written consent, if adopted, could have very negative consequences. In companies with few entities […]

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Governance and Sustainability

August 2018 The following article, co-authored by Magni CEO Kurt Lieberman, appears in this month’s Responsible Finance & Investment, the newsletter of the RFI Foundation. Sustainability is at the forefront of many discussions about the future, yet the word is so often taken for granted that it generally goes undefined. Among Webster’s definitions for “sustain”, healthy […]

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Do Companies “Walk the Walk”?

March 2018 There has been a much-increased interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over the past decade. An ever-growing percentage of publicly-held companies have attempted to align the company brand with CSR through production of brochures. Often these documents are expertly produced with expensive graphics and pleasing explanations of various environmental, social justice, and community […]

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“G”overnance Drives Performance in ESG Portfolios

August 2017 Magni CEO Kurt Lieberman authors new article documenting the importance of governance research in building investment portfolios   Sustainable, responsible and impact investing have seen explosive growth over recent years and the trend is accelerating. From 2014 to 2016, these investments enjoyed a growth rate of more than 33%, increasing from $6.57 trillion in 2014 […]

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The Social Progress Imperative and Magni Global Asset Management

February 2017 Does combining their research create a better ESG model? Read the article from the July-Dec 2016 issue of Trusting magazine, written by Magni CEO Kurt Lieberman.

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Surprises in the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

Minneapolis, Minnesota – January 23, 2017 – The 5th edition of the Global Sustainable Competitive Index (GSCI) was recently published, bringing renewed attention to the important topic of country governance. This index ranking is based on quantitative metrics that assess the infrastructure of a country, and aims to evaluate each country’s ability to create and […]

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