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What You Can’t See…

By Kurt Lieberman, CEO, Magni Global Asset Management August 2019 There is an old expression: “What you can’t see can’t hurt you”. I was reminded of it as I watched the excellent HBO miniseries called “Chernobyl”. The five-part series chronicles the explosion of a nuclear reactor in the Soviet Union in April 1986. The series reveals the limited understanding of radiation on the part of the citizens in the […]

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Getting Sustainable Environmental Performance from Public Companies

By Kurt Lieberman, CEO, Magni Global Asset Management June 2019 We understand why many ESG investors focus on the “E”. Protection of the environment is critical for today and especially for tomorrow. That focus on ‘tomorrow’ is why we use the term “sustainability”… Read full article.

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Malaysia’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

By Kurt Lieberman, CEO, Magni Global Asset Management February 2019 The Khazanah Research Institute recently published a provocative article about the future of Malaysia. The article’s authors proudly recount the epic change on May 9, 2018, with the stunning victory of Pakatan Harapan, the opposition party, and its new prime minister, Mahathir Bin Mohamad. Read […]

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ESG Ratings: Too Much ‘Garbage in’ ‘Garbage out’

By Kurt Lieberman, CEO, Magni Global Asset Management November 2018 In 2016 the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance reported that sustainable investment assets reached $22.89 trillion — a 25% increase over 2014. While Europe accounts for over half the total assets, the US is among the fastest growing countries, with an increase of 33% in sustainable […]

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Magni’s Position on Proxy Proposals for Lobbying Disclosure 

October 29, 2018   Magni votes company proxies on behalf of clients and is guided in its votes by applying corporate governance best practices as described in Magni’s Sustainable Value Creation principles.  Company proxies often have a shareholder proposal regarding better lobbying disclosure. Company boards tend to resist increased disclosure, and often the boards declare that existing disclosures are adequate.  Disclosure is an important part of good governance. Lobbying disclosure is about both the board’s stewardship of company assets […]

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Magni’s Position on Proxy Proposals for Lowering Threshold on Special Meetings

October 15, 2018 Magni votes company proxies on behalf of clients and is guided in its votes by applying corporate governance best practices as described in Magni’s Sustainable Value Creation principles. Company proxies often have a shareholder proposal to lower the threshold for special meetings. Company boards tend to resist lowering the threshold for special […]

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