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Leadership Succession Critical to Sustainability 

By Kurt Lieberman, CEO, Magni Global Asset Management July 2020 Back in a 1970 essay, Milton Friedman, the acclaimed economist, wrote an essay for The New York Times. In it he argued that a company has responsibility only to its shareholders. Today this definition of a company is called the Shareholder Theory.   In August of […]

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Sustainability in Islamic Finance

Kurt Lieberman has been asked by Islamic Finance news to author a monthly column. Each column will cover an aspect of sustainability, governance and Islamic finance. Each column below was first published in Islamic Finance news. Read the March 2019 post: Greater impact through shared values Read the April 2019 post: More than this Read the […]

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Governance Weaknesses Can Place $Billions at Risk

May 2020 By Kurt Lieberman, CEO of Magni Global Asset Management A few months ago, I made the case that good governance, which includes transparency, is foundational to improving valuations. This month, I offer a glimpse of such an improvement, starting with a tragedy. Read the article here.

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Maintaining Open Societies After the Pandemic

April 2020 By Kurt Lieberman, CEO, Magni Global Asset Management Much has been written on the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought it would be interesting to view this from a different perspective. Read the article here.

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Governance is the Real Weakness in China

February 2020 There is an old expression: “What you can’t see can’t hurt you”. I was reminded of it as I read an article about China’s response to the coronavirus. The article documents the shortcomings in how China has responded to the crisis. Read “Governance is the Real Weakness in China“

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Magni’s Position on Proforma Proxy Proposals | ”Say-on-Pay” Advisory Vote 

Magni votes company proxies on behalf of clients and is guided in its votes by applying corporate governance best practices as described in Magni’s Sustainable Value Creation principles.   When Magni is voting a proxy, it means that one or more Magni clients have the associated security in an account. These accounts use a Magni Corporate Governance strategy so that the resulting portfolio contains the best governed companies, according to […]

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