Magni’s Kurt Lieberman to Speak at the Responsible Finance and Investment Summit in Zurich

2018 theme is “Impact Finance and Technology”


MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 25, 2018 – Magni Global Asset Management today announced that CEO Kurt Lieberman will be moderating a group discussion on Green Sukuk, which are Islamic Finance products where the proceeds are used to fund a specific environmentally-sustainable infrastructure project. The conference takes place in Zurich, Switzerland April 25-27.

The Summit theme of “Impact Finance and Technology” focuses on how responsible investment, Islamic finance and impact investment converge at a scale necessary to make a meaningful impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

“It is an honor to participate in discussions about the importance of Islamic Finance,” said Lieberman. “Magni recently launched an Islamic Stewardship Index because we firmly believe that companies adhering to Islamic guidance for businesses from the Maqasid provides a valuable, practical and business-relevant moral compass.” Magni is also the global leader in country-level governance research, as well as governance research at the company level. Lieberman adds, “We believe our unique perspective will be interesting to conference participants.”

About the Responsible Finance and Investment Summit

The Responsible Finance & Investment Summit (RFI Summit) is an initiative of the RFI Foundation and Swiss Arab Network to build awareness of shared values that can bring socially responsible investing (SRI), environmental, social and governance (ESG) and Islamic finance together to increase their positive impact. This Responsible Finance & Investment Summit brings together key stakeholders within responsible finance to build connections to new growth opportunities and more measurable impact. The RFI Summit will play a vital role in connecting representatives from across the responsible finance industry to build on the growing cooperation between SRI, ESG and Islamic finance. Please visit for more information or follow @RFIFoundation.

About Magni Global Asset Management

Magni Global Asset Management LLC is the leader in country-level research on corporate governance. Magni developed the Sustainable Wealth Creation principles, based on widely accepted economic concepts, by assessing the accounting, legal, regulatory, adjudicative, and economic infrastructures of countries to determine if they provide an environment conducive to effective corporate governance. Its extensive database covering more than 17 years contains research on countries across 280 qualitative factors. Adding corporate governance indexes to the Magni product family is a logical extension of the firm’s capabilities.

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