Magni CEO Speaks at Socially Responsible Investing Conference in Colorado Springs


Minneapolis, MN, November 6, 2018 – Magni Global Asset Management LLC (Magni) announced that CEO Kurt Lieberman was a featured panelist at the Be Part of the Change 29th Annual SRI Conference, November 1-4 in Colorado Springs, CO. The conference was attended by more than 700 financial services professionals.

Lieberman, along with two other panelists, spoke on the topic of portfolio construction in a session entitled Emerging Market Exposure: A Gap in SRI Portfolios Worth Filling. The session explored whether investment professionals should include securities from the countries of the emerging markets in ESG portfolios and how to construct such portfolios given limited disclosure by companies in those countries. “As client demand for sustainable, responsible and impact investment continues to grow, it’s important that investors get the diversification benefits available in the emerging markets,” says Lieberman. The panel moderator and other panelists represented firms including Bernstein Private Wealth Management, JPS Global Investments, and Matthews Asia. The panelists agreed on the importance of using laws, regulations, and national culture when assessing the environmental, social and governance issues of companies in the emerging markets.

Magni’s country research in this area led to the launch of Magni Country Governance Index – Emerging Markets (MAGEM) in early 2017, and it also manages an associated investment portfolio.

About the SRI Conference

The SRI Conference is the premier annual gathering of sustainability professionals, financial advisors, investment managers, members of mission-driven organizations, researchers, and private- and public- sector professionals who share a common goal of deploying capital as a change agent.

About Magni Global Asset Management

Magni Global Asset Management LLC is a leader in corporate governance research on countries and companies, focusing on the behavior of the entity. Magni developed the Sustainable Wealth Creation principles to evaluate country-level governance. The principles are based on widely accepted economic concepts regarding the accounting, legal, regulatory, adjudicative, and economic infrastructures of countries. Countries with strengths in these areas provide environments conducive to effective corporate governance. Magni’s extensive database contains research on countries across 280 qualitative factors over 17 years.

Magni established the Sustainable Value Creation principles to evaluate public companies. These principles were applied to analyze 316 qualitative factors on each company. In addition to researching each company’s relationship with its shareholders and employees, the assessment also includes relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors, and the communities in which a company operates.

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