Magni CEO Speaks at Investment Forecast Forum at Providence College


Minneapolis, MN, November 8, 2017 – Magni Global Asset Management LLC (Magni) announced that CEO Kurt Lieberman is a keynote speaker at Providence College’s annual Investment Forecast Forum on November 9th.  The overarching theme of this year’s event is investment forecasting for the upcoming year with a special focus on socially responsible investing.

The keynote, Welcome to the Anthropocene Era – The Age of Humans, will be presented by Lieberman and Douglas Heske, CEO of NEWDAY Impact Investing. The discussion will focus on the topics of population growth and aging; global warming; redefining the relationships between corporations and society; corporate social responsibility; and governance. “Importantly, we will include four powerful case studies that demonstrate the ‘real cost of irresponsibility’,” says Lieberman. Examples include catastrophic events, ethical lapses, and disregard for animal welfare. Heske adds, “We show how these events have affected stock prices, but our primary message is that it’s imperative that future generations embrace impact investing that can hold corporations accountable for their activities.”

Lieberman and Heske will also be speaking on a student-moderated panel discussion. The Investment Forecast Forum is a business conference and networking event meant to bring together students, faculty, alumni, and professionals for an evening of financial discussion. This year’s co-sponsors include the Providence College School of Business (PCSB), the Providence College Finance Society (PCFS), and the CFA Society Providence.

About Magni Global Asset Management

Magni Global Asset Management LLC is the leader in country-level research on corporate governance. Magni developed the Sustainable Wealth Creation principles, based on widely accepted economic concepts, by researching the accounting, legal, regulatory, adjudicative, and economic infrastructures of countries. Its extensive database goes back more than 15 years and contains analysis on countries across 280 qualitative factors. The Minnesota-based research and asset management firm believes Countries Matter™ when investing internationally; Magni scores and ranks investible countries on their ability to provide an environment conducive to effective corporate governance. Magni uses this information to construct investible portfolios using its proprietary Country Selection Technique. Portfolios built using this process have demonstrated absolute and risk-adjusted outperformance.

Magni’s offerings are divided into two product lines: Country Governance and Company Governance. The country-level portfolios are available as investible products, model portfolios, and indexes. The company-level portfolios are available as investible products and model portfolios. The Company Governance products are also available with the addition of religious guidance in the Corporate Governance model (e.g., Catholic Values Portfolios and Islamic Stewardship Portfolios). Indexes based on Corporate Governance are planned, but not available yet.

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