Magni CEO Led Caux Roundtable Session in New York

Joined Volcker Alliance at the 2016 CRT Global Dialogue


Minneapolis, MN, July 22, 2016 – Magni Global Asset Management LLC (Magni) announced that CEO Kurt Lieberman led a Caux Roundtable (CRT) Session at the 2016 CRT Global Dialogue on July 18. The CRT is an international network of business leaders working to promote a morally and sustainable way of doing business. The CRT believes that its Principles for Responsible Business provide necessary foundations for a fair, free and transparent global society.

“The Caux Roundtable traditionally brings together thought leaders from around the globe to discuss important issues related to governance, economics, and capitalism,” said Lieberman. “It was an honor to be asked to participate this year especially in light of current issues such as Brexit and the United Nations’ adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Lieberman led a session about measuring good governance for countries and companies and about the impact of good governance on financial markets. Attendees at the session included leaders from the Convention of Independent Financial Advisors; leaders from investment firms such as Berkshire Capital Securities LLC; leaders from non‐governmental organizations such as the RFI Foundation; lawyers from law firms with specialties in good governance and sustainability; academics from multiple colleges and universities; and country ambassadors to the United Nations.

The session discussed broadening adoption by CEO’s of the Principles for Responsible Business. Companies whose leaders have adopted these principles are expected to avoid the behaviors associated with crony capitalism. At a time of decreased trust in capitalism by populations around the world, commitments to good governance are especially important.

Key members of the Volcker Alliance, founded by Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987, were in attendance and spoke on global financial reform during the opening dinner at the Harvard Club in New York City. Specific reforms for improving financial stability were proposed, including updates to bankruptcy laws to eliminate unintended consequences from distressed asset sales (to minimize panics during unsettled times) as well as eliminating loopholes in the reforms enacted since the financial crises.

“This roundtable is the ninth since 2001. Others have been in Switzerland, Seattle, Warsaw, Japan, Mexico and London,” said Stephen B. Young, Caux Roundtable Global Executive Director. “Kurt is uniquely qualified to lead a discussion about governance given his leadership at Magni.”

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