Magni CEO Kurt Lieberman Participates in Session at IsFin in Bahrain


Minneapolis, MN, December 3, 2018 – Magni Global Asset Management LLC (Magni) announced today that CEO Kurt Lieberman spoke at the annual IsFin (Islamic Finance) meeting. IsFin is the world’s leading advisory for emerging markets, Islamic Finance, economy and investments. The meeting was held November 28th at the Arcaptia building in Manama, Bahrain, in conjunction with the 2018 WIBC Annual Conference.

In the day-long meeting, Mr. Lieberman was a participant in a session entitled Doing Business with the Gulf. Within this session Lieberman, along with Fabio Figueria of Partner Veirano (IsFin Brazil), discussed America and the Gulf. “We discussed the priorities for making capital investment in the Gulf more attractive,” said Lieberman. “Countries in the Gulf are attempting to diversify economies in order to reduce dependence on oil, so increased foreign investment would alleviate some of the need for government investment at a time of strained budgets,” he added.

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Magni Global Asset Management LLC is a leader in corporate governance research on countries and companies, focusing on the behavior of the entity. Magni developed the Sustainable Wealth Creation principles to evaluate country-level governance. The principles are based on widely accepted economic concepts regarding the accounting, legal, regulatory, adjudicative, and economic infrastructures of countries. Countries with strengths in these areas provide environments conducive to effective corporate governance. Magni’s extensive database contains research on countries across 280 qualitative factors over 17 years.

Magni established the Sustainable Value Creation principles to evaluate public companies. These principles were applied to analyze 316 qualitative factors on each company. In addition to researching each company’s relationship with its shareholders and employees, the assessment also includes relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors, and the communities in which a company operates.

Magni’s offerings are divided into two product lines: Country Governance and Company Governance. The country-level and company-level portfolios are available as investible products, model portfolios, and indexes. The Company Governance portfolios are also available with the addition of religious guidance in the Corporate Governance model (e.g., Catholic Values Portfolios and Islamic Stewardship Portfolios). The Islamic Stewardship Portfolios incorporate more Islamic guidance than most existing Islamic asset management offerings by including both an exclusionary Shariah-compliance screen and allocations determined by alignment with Islamic guidance per the Maqasid.

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