Magni CEO Contributes to New Book, “Do They Care?: The one question all brands should ask themselves, continually”

Before starting his brand strategy consulting business, author Douglas Spencer was a vice president and the Global Head of Brand Management at Thomson Reuters.

Magni’s investment philosophy is centered on researching companies’ and countries’ good governance and proven behaviors, which are implicit factors in a strong brand. Consequently, it made sense to have Magni’s CEO Kurt Lieberman offer a brief perspective on the subject as it relates to investments. […] “These ‘claims’ can include activities like community involvement, employee engagement and inclusion, and sustainability. Magni investigates the evidence behind these claims because there are proven corollaries between brands which act responsibly and those which are most profitable.” (See pages 9-10.)

Available at, the book’s synopsis reads: “Strong brands have people who care—but not by luck or accident. Strong brands nurture care from all the people who are material to their success. You can too. This book will show founders, senior executives, or branding, marketing, and human resources leaders why people want to care about their brands and how to enable them.”