Research Process

Global Investment Research Process

As part of our global investment research process the Sustainable Wealth Creation principles were divided into twelve Economic Standards. These standards were established by determining how the desirable conditions embodied in the principles can be evaluated in topically-related areas.

Each Economic Standard covers multiple topics and we split the Economic Standards into 280 Qualitative Sovereign Factors.

The process of researching Qualitative Sovereign Factors involves determining each country’s level of intent to abide by each factor and the actual level of adherence by all of the relevant institutions within the country. The process is designed to apply third-party standards of intention and behavior so that all countries are measured on a uniform scale.

In order to convert each Qualitative Sovereign Factor into investible quantitative scores, Magni employs a uniform objective scale that is applied to all Qualitative Sovereign Factors. This common, clear, and simple scale helps make the global investment research reasonably objective and is designed to minimize distortions attributable to analytical biases.


Disciplined Research Process

Repeatable Global investment research process

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